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Fifty years of history in a single cocktailThe art of Craftsmanship

The Art of Craftsmanship is about old traditions and new developments. About the never-ending quest for perfection, to create even better versions by mixing, experimenting, and tasting. This is the story of Twenty Third Bar’s anniversary cocktail.

The 23rd floor is the perfect spot to take in the cityscape of the Dutch capital. It takes a moment to recognise familiar streets, squares, and buildings. Yes! There in the distance you can see the famous Johan Cruijff ArenA, home to Ajax football club, and, of course, that beautiful building just in front of us is the Rijksmuseum. And indeed, those hills you can see in the distance really are the dunes that stretch along the coast.

Everyone who drops in for a drink at Hotel Okura Amsterdam’s Twenty Third Bar is sure to be captivated by the view that extends far beyond the city limits. Closer to the hotel, it offers a new perspective on the typical architectural style of the surrounding area of Amsterdam-Zuid, with its oblique sightlines, blocks of houses surrounding courtyard gardens, and distinctive features of the Amsterdam School style. At sunset, the sky turns pink, and as night sets in, a sea of sparkling lights starts to emerge. A uniquely beautiful spot to savour a good glass of wine or one of the specialty cocktails mixed here by the experienced bartenders.

Listen to the story of our anniversary cocktail

50 ingredients for 50 years

In honour of the 50th anniversary of Hotel Okura Amsterdam, the bar staff at Twenty Third Bar have created a signature cocktail. It is a drink that celebrates luxury, craftsmanship, tradition, and attention to detail; everything that makes Hotel Okura Amsterdam so extraordinary. 50 ingredients for 50 years. That was the concept behind the drink, the realisation of which came one step closer thanks to a flash of inspiration from one of the bartenders to use Monkey 47 Gin – a unique spirit infused with 47 botanical ingredients including cardamom, grapefruit, ginger, lemongrass, sage, and jasmine.

Only three more ingredients to go... After a lot of mixing, experimenting, and tasting, the bartenders found the last pieces of the puzzle: a sophisticated Italian bergamot liqueur and a traditional Japanese plum sake, topped with a layer of homemade champagne foam. The ingredients are measured, stirred (not shaken), and poured into a chilled coupe glass. The foam layer is decorated with a circle of edible paper featuring the Hotel Okura Amsterdam logo, specially designed for the occasion. Refined, exotic, and supremely elegant. An anniversary cocktail for raising a glass in style and enjoying Okura’s Art of Craftsmanship. Let’s celebrate the Art of Okura!

Jubilee Cocktail
View from Twenty Third Bar Twenty Third Bar - Jubilee Cocktail Hotel Okura Amsterdam - Twenty Third Bar