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Through The Art of Memories, we proudly collect and cherish fascinating stories and share them with our guests. One such story is that of the Okura tulip. This colourful spring blossom was cultivated specifically for Hotel Okura Amsterdam and can be admired in all its glory this year.

With its reddish-orange petals aflame, it sways gently in the breeze as it reaches up towards the first rays of spring sunshine. Striking Okura tulips flourish in the gardens and line the drive of Hotel Okura Amsterdam. Yet their blooms can be enjoyed far from the hotel grounds. For the past twenty-five years, this exceptional blossom can be admired every year in the famous Keukenhof gardens and at Okura hotels around the world.

Hotel Okura Amsterdam - Hotel Exterior - Okura Tulip

The Okura tulip was cultivated by Kapiteyn Group, a specialised nursery in Noord-Holland that has developed and grown exceptional bulbs for four generations. Developing a new tulip variety is a long and labour-intensive process. After several rounds of cross-breeding to create the perfect shape and colour, it takes the tulip several seasons to develop the desired characteristics. The Okura tulip took fifteen years to perfect, but the results are astonishing.

Hotel Okura Amsterdam - Okura tulip

The Okura tulip has vivid gradations of orange, red, and pink and a delicate yellow stripe along the leaves. This exquisite flower was first presented during the renowned Keukenhof Flower Parade to mark the 25th anniversary of Hotel Okura Amsterdam. The Okura tulip was unveiled and sprinkled with champagne by Henk Koning, the former president of the Okura Supervisory Board. Seven years later, enough flower bulbs were available to present to the general public. The Keukenhof planted the tulips that year in the shape of a large, colourful hotel bed.

These jewel-toned tulips can be admired once again this year in the gardens of Hotel Okura Amsterdam. Have you seen them in bloom? Those who want to take in the glory of the Okura tulip amidst a sea of other blossoms and blooms should pay a visit to the Keukenhof. After having been closed to the public for the better part of two years, the Garden of Europe will bloom with extra splendour this year. The seven flower million bulbs planted in October are sure to put on a dazzling show when they bloom this spring. Our Okura tulip and its inspiring history are a proud part of what we call The Art of Memories, The Art of Okura.

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