Through the Art of Okura we celebrate half a century of Hotel Okura Amsterdam. Fifty years of special memories and remarkable stories. Fifty years of age-old Japanese traditions, combined with modern Western luxury.

We are honoured, and proud, to shine a spotlight on the distinctiveness of Hotel Okura Amsterdam, and to illustrate what omotenashi means to us; Japanese hospitality as an art. The Art of Okura is our way of sharing our traditions, authenticity and craftsmanship.

For a year, an impressive Ginkgo tree, which symbolises long life, will be present in the lobby of Hotel Okura. While you sit back, close your eyes and enjoy the quiet, our ancient Ginkgo tree will tell you stories about our past, present and future. We will tell you about what distinguishes us, moves us and makes us unique.

Everyone can listen to these stories, which can be heard on our website. But to really experience the magic of our past and of our future, we invite you to take a seat next to our Ginkgo tree. Simply select the story you want to hear and close your eyes...

We invite you to join us. Join us in celebrating 50 years of Hotel Okura Amsterdam through the Art of Okura.

The Art of Okura