Blending Cultures

Blending Cultures

The art of Blending Cultures

Okura’s Art of Blending Cultures delicately crafts a synergy between authentic Japanese traditions and modern Western luxury.

Let us show you how Hotel Okura Amsterdam has been blending the best of East and West for fifty years, entirely in the spirit of its namesake Baron Okura. This journey starts at the location of our hotel: a piece of Japan in the heart of the lively working-class borough of De Pijp in Amsterdam-Zuid. We would be happy to tell you how we combine the best of both worlds right here. Listen to our stories on The Art of Blending Cultures.

Japanese rituals

Japanese rituals on a construction site in Amsterdam

While a crowd of journalists, employees and local residents watch in awe, a colourfully dressed Japanese Shinto priest performs all kinds of traditional rituals. In a small temple adorned with bunches of bananas, which was built specially for the occasion, the priest asks the kami, Japanese spirits of nature, to bring good luck and prosperity for the hotel by offering them fruit and wine.

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Sommelier Menno

The Best of East and West

Each season, Executive Chef Masanori Tomikawa designs a new menu comprising six to eight courses. As sommelier, Menno has the honour of being one of the first to taste them. It is a partnership that you wouldn’t usually come across in Japan, but which here in the Netherlands produces outstanding flavour combinations.

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Ginko Tree in the Okura Hotel

Tree Story

We are proud and happy to reflect on Hotel Okura Amsterdam’s fiftieth birthday. It was an anniversary year full of special activities. These ranged from culinary specials to sustainable gifts and from a festive birthday anniversary cocktail to an event for all local residents. Twelve adventurous stories took guests on a journey through the past, the present, and the future of Hotel Okura Amsterdam.

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Okura Crane Birds

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