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Okura's Art of Memories is peppered with extraordinary people – people from all corners of the world and from different eras, but who always have a remarkable story to tell. Like Claus van Amsberg, Prince of the Netherlands, and father of King Willem-Alexander. In his speech to mark the grand opening of Hotel Okura Amsterdam in 1971, he recalled the close and warm relationship between the Netherlands and Japan. And this is what he said...

Speech Prins Clause opening

Prince Claus’s speech was received with great enthusiasm by Dutch and Japanese spectators alike. And even though the story is now half a century old, it continues to enthral. The reminiscences about Japan, the experiences with Hotel Okura Amsterdam, and the origins of the warm relationship between the two countries are as inspiring today as they were 50 years ago. We call this the Art of Memories. The Art of Okura.

Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus